My Face!


I am Ville Karavirta, currently living in Helsinki, Finland. I am a graduate from Helsinki University of Technology with a PhD in Software Systems and a minor in the Computer and Information Science. I used to work for the Learning+Technology Group in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Aalto University as a post-doctoral researcher. I'm also co-founder of a Finnish start-up company, By The Mark Corp., that "provides services that help people learn, teach, and assess computer programming skills." I occasionally work on mobile apps at Mobile IceCube. Currently I'm looking for new challenges.


I like to help students to learn programming. In my past projects, I've researched tools for mobile devices to support computer science education. In general, I love learning new technologies and using them in CS education to improve efficiency of teachers and learning results of students.

For a list of publications, see the Publications page.


If you would like to contact me please email Or, contact/follow me on Twitter. You can also find some of my projects on GitHub.